Danrec A/S manufactures and sells solide plastic plates made of recycled plastics. We are among the leading companies in this field and offer products with numerous beneficial properties and a variety of application possibilities.

Our plastic plates with the name DAN-Board have high quality and are produced in various colors and dimensions.

​Our products are destinguished by their excellent properties such as ease of processing, high load capacity and resistance to water, chemicals and bio-organic fluids. Therefor they have a long lifetime.

Easy to apply

DAN-Board plastic boards are easy to handle and are therefore suitable for a wide range of applications, e.g. as

  • ​construction board for stable construction and other industries
  • ​sliding and wear plate
  • ​root protection
  • ​floor covering and soil protection
  • ​lawn protection
  • ​driving board
  • alternative for heavy steel plates

Many other applications are conceivable for our DAN-Board plastic sheets.

The boards can be processed with the usual mechanical and thermal processes. They can be

  • ​cut
  • ​sawn
  • ​drilled
  • ​planed
  • ​milled
  • ​bolted together
  • ​thermoformed
  • ​welded


​We constantly have a variety of articles in stock, so we are always able to deliver at short notice. If the desired product is not available we will of course do everything possible to meet your needs as quickly as possible

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